Use Custom Velcro Patches to Prevent Waste

custom-velcro-patchesWe live in a modern era of waste. People using things then discarding them without worrying about our planet or the consequences that go with it. Custom velcro patches are an item that can be used over and over. You can take a look at this custom velcro patches website that offers a variety of patches available at great prices.

These patches are great because they can be used over and over for a variety of purposes. The patches are made from the finest durable materials and will last for many years. There are actually millions of uses available for velcro patches.

Why use adhesive or rope or drill holes when you can use velcro. It can take the place of many different applications. They are very durable and even resistant to the weather and doesn’t every fade.

They have even famously been used in outer space by astronauts. No matter the use you can always find a use for the velcro patches and we suggest you contacting Flexsystems because they have the widest selection and are American made.

House cleaning services in New Orleans

House Cleaning New OrleansIf you are looking for a house cleaning service in the New Orleans area then these tips will help you make the right choice for you and your home. House cleaning services can vary in price and quality and we will go over what makes them different. The first step in hiring one of these services is to read reviews. You can read reviews on Google and you can read them on Yelp. This will give you an idea of who is already offering great services and what prices you can expect.

The next thing I would do is find one that is favorable and see if they offer free estimates. Many companies won’t take the time to send someone to your home they will just shout out a price. If they come out it will show that they care about your business and really want it.

We recommend because they have a really great track record and know the business inside and out. They offer 100% free estimates and really have a passion for what they do. They will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.

Should you recycle LED gas price signs

led gas station signsWe took some time to visit with the owner of to understand if it is possible to recycle the led gas price signs. He told us in reality we should just throw these away because many of the parts cannot be salvaged. Since these signs are left out in the elements they are usually worthless after 10 years. In some cases you can recycle some of the parts. There are so many different gas station signs available for buyers its much easier to just buy a new one. Click here for more information about these signs.

LED gas price signs can really serve a variety of functions for gas station owners. The first one of course is it will display the price of gas for the buyer before they even get to the gas station. This is great for the buyer because they can price shop even before they get there. Second you can also display other information like sales, advertising, or really anything else that will benefit your business. This is cool because you can actually charge other businesses to advertise as well.

Why You Should Recycle Your Catalytic Converter!

recycle catalytic convertersEngine pollution is a very serious matter. It can literally harm your health as well as spoil the environment. To address this serious issue in the 1970s, the United States government required that all vehicles have catalytic converters installed as part of the emission system to reduce pollution. These devices are often referred to as “cats”. The purpose of these devices is to turn dangerous exhaust chemicals to harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. Although carbon dioxide is considered a safe emission, recent studies have determined it to be the major cause of global warming.

Although a catalytic converter is a relatively simple device, it makes a big impact on the environment by reducing the harmful emissions from gasoline engines. Generally, the converter has a dense ceramic honeycomb structure that is coated with precious metals, platinum, palladium, or rhodium. These metals act as the catalyst creating a chemical reaction that converts the toxic emissions. Fortunately, these valuable metals can be extracted when a catalytic converter fails.

Individuals who have a failed converter can sell it for cash because of the precious metals it contains.  Recycling catalytic converters has become popular in recent years. Professional recycling companies can extract the precious metals from the scrap converter. Although it is beneficial to the individual receiving payment, it also is a plus for the environment. Mining these metals is expensive as well as having a negative effect on the environment.

Individuals are cautioned that it is not advisable to try to extract the metals. Professionals have specialized equipment for that purpose. When the mechanic removes the failed converter, it is as easy a picking up the phone to get a quote for your scrap converter. Prices vary depending on the type of converter. Some or more valuable than others. For the best price, visit

Sell Your Scrap Catalytic Converter For Cash!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.57.39 AMRecycling catalytic converters is a relatively new profession. In the mid-1970s, these emission control devices were required on all new vehicles to neutralize toxic chemicals which are a by-product of internal combustion engines. The purpose was to protect the environment by converting dangerous gases into benign substances. The precious metals, platinum and palladium are contained in a honeycomb-designed system inside the catalytic converter. As the exhaust passes by it, the precious metals convert the toxic carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Usually your car’s catalytic converter will last the life of your car. However, sometimes as with any mechanical device, the catalytic converter will fail. It can be replaced at an expense due to the precious metals it contains.

Therefore, it just makes sense to sell your scrap catalytic converter for cash.
By recycling your catalytic converter, it helps the environment as well as giving you extra money. ConverterGuy will pay you top dollar for scrap catalytic converter.

It is never advisable to extract the precious metals yourself. The extraction process of these metals is complicated and requires the expertise of a recycling expert.